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Playstation 3 black screen repairs,

“Black screen” error means nothing appears on the TV screen attached to your PlayStation, even when you have all cables correctly plugged in and the device is turned on. This error may mean the PlayStation is not set for the type of video cable you are using. The PS3 has a setting for each type of cable HDMI and the usual AV cable and if you have the wrong option set, then you will get the “No Signal” error.

Try this while your ps3 is on standby (red Light) hold down your ps3 power button for approx. 10 seconds or until you hear 2 beeps then let go.

This resets the TV settings.

Playstation 3 repairs No signal.

We offer one of the best solutions to get you back in the game, we also provide a full 6 month warranty on all our repairs unlike most you will find they only offer 30-90 days warranty, we want your console to last under our repair services that’s why we provide the highest warranty at the best and lowest possible prices.

We use the latest BGA equipment for motherboard repairs and high grade products to repair your console at professional level; this prolongs the life of your console helping us to achieve a longer lasting repair to your unit.

We have regulated set heating profiles what we use this helps when soldering and desoldering surface mount chips and is the best form of repair.

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